Operation Gorgona (World War II action drama) (4 episodes) (subtitles)

Operation Gorgona (World War II action drama) (4 episodes) (subtitles)

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1943 The Battle of Stalingrad is over. The Soviet Army is preparing a large-scale Belarusian strategic offensive operation, codenamed "Bagration". A week before the start of the operation, it becomes known that the Germans have mined all the approaches to the city of N. Roads, bridges, and forests have been mined. They have created entire minefields. The city itself is also completely mined. Civilians may suffer. An experienced intelligence officer Fyodor Tishkov (Kravchenko) is called to the army headquarters.

Fedor, a combat intelligence officer, a former circus performer who once performed with power numbers, receives a new task. Tishkov's group needs to steal a mining map code-named "Gorgon" within three days. If the task is not completed, then civilians will die, there will be losses among our soldiers. Moscow demands that the offensive begin within a clearly defined time frame. Tishkov and members of his group, former circus artists, are thrown into the rear of the Germans...

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