Oxygen (Kislorod) (Ivan Vyrypayev blockbuster) (subtitles)

Oxygen (Kislorod) (Ivan Vyrypayev blockbuster) (subtitles)

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Oxygen is a 2009 art house movie directed by Russian playwright, screenwriter, film director, actor and art director of the Praktika Theatre Ivan Vyrypaev. Written originally as a play in 2002, Kislorod has become a symbol and symptom of a generation of Russian playwrights associated with the New Drama movement.

Two people play out a story of love and desperation that’s enacted through music in this drama from writer and director Ivan Vyrypaev. Sasha (Alexei Filimonov) is a man in his twenties who lives in the small town of Serpukhov and has fallen in love with a woman who is also named Sasha (Karolina Gruszka).

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