Pasiello - I Giuochi DAgrigento - Giovanni Battista Rigon

Pasiello - I Giuochi D'Agrigento - Giovanni Battista Rigon

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  • Band: Slovak Chamber Choir
  • Year of release: 2008
  • Recording length: 139:20
  • 2 CD Set
    Giovanni Paisiello (1740 - 1816)

    Giovanni Battista Rigon is a specialist of this particular kind of music. He conducted the world premiere in modern times of I Giuochi di Agrigento, at the Festival della Valle d'Itria, 2006. On that occasion the press commented on "the careful and refined conducting by maestro Rigon, in my opinion the only acceptable from a stylistic point of view" ('Paolo Isotta', 'Il Corriere della Sera') and noted "the extraordinary work made by Giovanni Battista Rigon, with a very high-class result. I have to follow this maestro. He has a lot to say." (Francisco Garcia-Rosado, Opera Actual). 'I Giuochi d’Agrigento' was staged for the inauguration of the La Fenice Theatre in Venice on the evening of 16th May 1792. The subject is "drawn from pure fantasy and not from any passage in a fable or a story".

    Eraclide (tenor) - Marcello Nardis
    Clearco (countertenor) - Razek Francois Bitar
    Aspasia (soprano) - Maria Laura Martorana
    Egesta (soprano) - Mara Lanfranchi
    Cleone (baritone) - Vincenzo Taormina
    Filosseno (tenor) - Nicola Amodio
    Elpenore (bass) - Vladimer Mebonia
    Deifile (soprano) - Dolores Carlucci

    Slovak Chamber Choir
    Chorus Master: Pavol Prochazka

    Total time 139:20

Pasiello - I Giuochi D'Agrigento - Giovanni Battista Rigon - 48545 - Classical music

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