Petersen Quartett - On Tour

Petersen Quartett - On Tour

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"There are some very fine young string quartets around these days, but I have heard none finer than the Petersen j Quartet."
The Times, London

"Fearless...revelatory freshness and urgency. This was risky playing, not as gaudy exhibitionism, but as starkly honest and unfettered expression, and its rich rewards will linger long."
Los Angeles Times

The Film:
A film team accompanied the quartet on its tour through the USA, in cities and music centres like Washington, Pittsburgh and New York. They documented everyday life during a concert tour as well as rehearsals, the private life and the social life of the four band members.
Through impressive statements, concert clips and backstage views, one quickly gains the insight that life on tour despite success and recognition does not only consist of glamour.

Portrait: 4 short films about the musicians
Following Ernst Krenek's footsteps
Discography and Press Reviews

The Music:
Excerpts from:
BEETHOVEN: String Quartet in C-minor op. 18,4, "Great Fugue" in B flat-major op.133
SCHUBERT: String Quartet in D -minor"Death and the Maiden"
SCHUMANN: String Quartet in A-minor op. 41, 1
GRIEG: String Quartet in G-minor op. 27

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