Present Me a Moonlight

Present Me a Moonlight

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The film's main character, successful and talented journalist Sergey Kupriyanov met his wife in his youth. The fashion was: bell-bottoms, shirts narrowed in the waist, and impossibly short mini-skirts. And the main dancing hit had a line: 'Present me a moonlight'.

Many years have passed since then. By the late 1990s, Sergei has become a TV-star, popular, irresistible, well-known. He has his own TV show. His success attracts beautiful women. It's no surprise a young employee gladly accepts his offer to accompany him abroad to film one of his shows. It seems, he has everything to be happy. But all his successes and achievements become unimportant when he realizes that he's about to lose the main thing - his wife's love...

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