Rachmaninov - Orchestral Works - Evgeny Svetlanov

Rachmaninov - Orchestral Works - Evgeny Svetlanov

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    CD 1 62:27
    Symphony No.1 in D minor Op.13
    The Rock, fantasia for
    Large Symphony Orchestra, Op.7

    CD 2 74:23
    Symphony No.2 in E minor, op.27
    Isle of the Dead, symphonic poem after A.
    Bocklin's painting Op.45

    CD 3 72:55
    Symphony No.3 in A minor Op.44
    Symphonic Dances, Op.45

    CD 4 52:40
    Six Choirs for Female Voices and Piano, op.15
    Spring, cantata for Baritone,
    Chorus and Orchestra, Op.20
    Excerpts from the opera "Aleko"

    CD 5 50:13
    Poem for Symphony Orchestra,
    Chorus and Soloists, Op.35
    verses by E.Poe, translation by K.Balmont
    Vocalise, Op.34 No.14 Transcription by V.Kin

    CD 6 73:58
    Prince Rostislav, symphonic poem on plot of A.
    Tolstois ballad (1891), edition by P.Lamm
    Capriccio on Gypsy Themes, Op.12
    Scherzo for Orchestra (1887)
    edition by P.Lamm
    Moments Musicaux
    in B minor, Op.16 No.3
    in D flat major, Op. 16 No.5
    Vocalise, op34 No.14
    piano transcription by E.Svetlanov
    Prelude in D major, Op.23 No.4
    Elegie, Op.3 No.1

    The State Academic Symphony Orchestra
    Evgeny Svetlanov, conductor
    Recordings 1954-1989 from Evgeny Svetlanov's archive

Rachmaninov - Orchestral Works - Evgeny Svetlanov - 46436 - Classical music

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