Rastrelli Cello Quartet - Cello in Classic Vol.3

Rastrelli Cello Quartet - Cello in Classic Vol.3

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  • 1 Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908) - Gipsy Airs (Zigeunerweisen) Op.20
  • 2 Peter Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) - Andante Cantabile from String Quart
  • 3 Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881) - Gopak from the opera “The Fair at Sorotchinsk”
  • 4 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Indi-Mindi
  • 5 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Lale
  • 6 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Joke
  • 7 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Suliko
  • 8 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Sachidao
  • 9 Sulkhan Zinzadze (1925-1991) - Georgian Folksuite - Dance
  • 10 Camille Saent-Saens (1835-1921) - The Swan from Le Carnaval des Animaux
  • 11 George Gershwin (1898-1937) - Rhapsody from the opera Porgy and Bess
    1. Пабло де Сарасате - "Цыганские напевы" опус.20
    2. Чайковский - Анданте кантабиле из квартета #1
    3. Мусоргский - Гопак из оперы "Сорочинская ярмарка"
    4. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Инди-минди"
    5. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Лале"
    6. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Шутка"
    7. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Сулико"
    8. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Сачидао"
    9. Сулхан Цинцадзе - Грузинская народная сюита "Плясовая"
    10. Камил Сент-Санс - "Лебедь" из Карнавала животных
    11. Джордж Гершвин, Игорь Фролов - Рапсодия из оперы "Порги и Бесс"

    Кирилл Кравцов, Михаил Дегтярёв,Кирилл Тимофеев, Сергей Драбкин
    Все аранжировки - Сергей Драбкин и "Rastrelli Cello Quartett"
    Запись произведена на Петербургской Студии Грамзаписи, август 2005
    Звукорежиссер и саундпродюсер - Андрей Самсонов

    There is no need to introduce the Rastrelli cello quartet. As real professionals do, the musicians don’t make public wait long for their next album. This one (being the third in short, but very rich biography of the band) is completely dedicated to classics. Being wide-tasted in music the cellists don’t mix styles, like they did in their debut volume. And that makes a benefit of this CD. The programme chosen with the great attention, and could be listened all in one breath. That is the result of the arrangements. They all made in classical style, blending together the strictness of classics and verve, relying on the absolute performing mastery.
    Сlassic is the most precise finder of false. There are some opportunities to compensate the lack of mastery with special effects, emotions or charisma in light pop music, folk, or even in jazz, but it will never work in classics. If artist has technical defects it will unmask all of them from the first notes. It is a great responsibility to play the programme of that incredible level, as it plays Rastrelli. But the musicians are absolutely ready for it. They posses all the complex of professionals – masterful sound, clear intonation, technical arsenal, and, of course, the soul tenderness, without which all professional qualities are meaningless, making music no more than virtuosic effects.
    Another key moment in this programme – it is deeply rooted in dance genre. Of course, it is not dances in their pure, but the basis is dancing, and it can be heard in the main of the compositions, from «Gipsy songs» by Sarasate, to ballet’s «Swan» by Sen-Sans.
    This time the main aim of the quartet is solved brilliantly. While listening, it is hard to believe, that there are playing four identical instruments. It is hard to believe, but cellos in musicians hands transforms into different instruments – they sounds like piano and violin, winds and brass, and human’s voice, captivating with it’s power and beauty.


Rastrelli Cello Quartet - Cello in Classic Vol.3 - 42005 - World Music

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