Road Inspector

Road Inspector

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The character of a traffic officer of rare integrity (Sergey Nikonenko’s best film role), who suffered for his principles, stands in the same rank with the most popular militia men of the Soviet screen, such as the “Village Detective” portrayed by Zharov, the “Experts” played by Kanevsky, Martynyuk and Lezhdei, the duo of Lanovoy and Yumatov from “38 Petrovka Street” and the genial traffic inspector played by Zhzhyonov in “Beware of Automobiles”. Incidentally, the title character had a real-life prototype, which made him even more wonderful and dear to the hearts of viewers.

One day Pyotr Zykin, a modest road police inspector, stops a brazenfaced violator – car service station director Turnov (a very convincing performance by Nikita Mikhalkov). The offender attempts to pull some strings and show the overzealous officer his place…

Special features:
- Interviews with actors S. Nikonenko and N. Mikhalkov;
- Filmographies;
- Photo album

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