Rumba Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

Rumba Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

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The Romance of the Rumba
The rumba is about love and sensuality. The music of the rumba fires the senses and transports you straight to the tropics. You feel the power of the waves, the warm wind and the whispering palms. The rumba is the dance of seduction. The rumba was created by the Cubans and then spread to Europe via the United States. Try not to move when you hear it. You won't succeed!

Dancing for beginners
In dancing for beginners Cathrien and Dirk are explained the first steps of the rumba.

Rumba Supplementary step 1 - bronze
In bronze, different variations of rumba steps are examined in more depth

Rumba Supplementary step 2 - silver
In silver, the rumba is expanded even further. More variations of steps and turns.

Rumba Supplementary step 3 - gold
Different variations of the rumba are explained.

Rumba Special dance
Cathrien and Dirk show how thw rumba is danced in dancing competitions

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