Russian Forgotten Wars (historical docudrama) (12 episodes) (subtitles)

Russian Forgotten Wars (historical docudrama) (12 episodes) (subtitles)

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"Forgotten Wars of Russia" is a series of documentary films about armed conflicts that the Russian state entered from the time of the baptism of Russia to the Patriotic War of 1812. Over the years, Russia has been confronted by the strongest powers: Byzantium, Sweden, the Ottoman Empire, Persia, the Golden Horde…

The viewer will learn about the features of weapons and tactics of warfare at different stages of national history, will see the reconstruction of the unknown battles of Kutuzov and Bagration, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Denis Davydov, Vladimir Monomakh and Svyatoslav the Wise. The cycle consists of 12 episodes, each of which is dedicated to the history of one war. Long gone times and events come to life on the screen in sieges and chases, the brilliance of metal and cannon smoke, in political intrigues and in the drama of human life in war.

Director: Pavel Sergatskov

Cast: Dmitry Mityurich, Elena Laguta, Yuri Mirontsev, Albina Kubrikova, Oleg Efremov, Anton Alexandrov, Vilen Babichev

The Campaigns of Svyatoslav

The Wars of Monomakh

The Unknown Horde

Lithuanian-Moscow wars (The Border Wars)

The Livonian war

The defense Smolensk 

The Azov Campaign

War of Aleksey the  Quietest

The War for the Polish Heritage

The Russian-Persian war (1804-1813)

The Russian-Swedish war (1808-1809)

The Russian-Turkish war (1806-1812)

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