Russian Jews (Leonid Parfenov trilogy) (subtitles)

Russian Jews (Leonid Parfenov trilogy) (subtitles)

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Attention: English subtitles cannot be turned off in this edition.

An extraordinary, creatively constructed trilogy of titanic scope, RUSSIAN JEWS charts the fascinating and complex history of Jews in Russia.

Film 1 Before the Revolution spans shtetl life to the revolutionaries who later broke from tradition, and anti-Jewish violence and ensuing emigration.

Film 2 1918-1948 examines Jewish participation in Soviet cultural and political circles, from Trotsky and Chagall, to writers, musicians and filmmakers.

Film 3 After 1948 depicts the tumultuous lead-up to the fall of the Soviet Union and rise of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism, and eminent Jews in the arts, sciences and elsewhere, who thrived nonetheless. Narrated by acclaimed journalist Leonid Parfyonov, this illuminating study chronicles countless Jewish contributions to Russian society.

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