Russian Symphony (Konstantin Lopushansky philosophical parable) (subtitles) - 63343
Russian Symphony (Konstantin Lopushansky philosophical parable) (subtitles)

Philosophical parable, fantasy, drama

Parable on the Last Judgement which comes to Russia of our days. Everything appeared not so simply as behind all events a certain ambiguity, some game was read. There was a terrible suspicion that all events are a certain performance, a performance.

The protagonist finds out that some children were left behind in a sinking school, and is slowly driven mad as he tries to save them. A parable on the theme of the Last Judgment, numerous catastrophic events reveal a certain ambiguity in their origins, accompanied by the terrible suspicion that the things going on are some kind of a performance or theatrical production.

The film ties in thematically with Lopushansky's other apocalyptic films, Dead Man's Letters (1986), A Visitor to a Museum (1989) and The Ugly Swans (2006), and is the most overtly religious of them.


The third chapter of great metaphysic Russian director from St Petersburg Konstantin Lopushanski's apocalyptic trilogy. The director himself called this one "The soviet apocalypse of the dying empire". This work is a real monument for Russian orthodoxy and old-believers. It gives brief vision of expression the post-soviet religion revival. It is somewhere the direct screening of the Gospel According to St. John.

The story begins with the fact that the world is dead already. The water is coming very fast and nothing can be done to stop that process. So the post-soviet people are saving the last days hiding and going mad everywhere. The main character, played by Valeri Garkalin, is in his 40s - loosing mind and trying to realize what is happening with the world...

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