Salsa Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

Salsa Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

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The Swinging Salsa
It's always the salsa dancers who steal the show in every discotheque. Every part of them swings, from their hips and hands to their feet. Everything is hot and spicy. It is the ultimate Latin Dance that unites every Latin American rhythm. Originating in Afriva, it grew into a fantastically popular dance at the end of the 20th century. Challenging and high-spirited. Dare to show who you are. Dance the salsa.

Dancing for beginners
Here the first steps of the salsa are explained.

Salsa Supplementary step 1 - bronze
In bronze, different variations of salsa steps are examined in more depth.

Salsa Supplementary step 2 - silver
In silver, the salsa is expanded even further. More variations of steps and turns.

Salsa Supplementary step 3 - gold
Different variations of the salsa are explained.

Salsa Special dance
Nail and Nataliya show how thw salsa is danced in dancing competitions.

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