Satan (Viktor Aristov thriller) (subtitles)

Satan (Viktor Aristov thriller) (subtitles)

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The film shows the spirit of time and the country where it was produced during Perestroika. A guy dressed in black invites his lover's ten year old daughter to see the avia catastrophe. But instead of that he kills her in cold blood somewhere not far away from a tiny forgotten village. This murder was planned by his grandfather-criminal, but grandfather actually wanted to demand buyout from a rich mother, but the young killer is ruled by other power and he is not interested in money at all. He is followed by some unknown power that leads him within his life. He either feels terrible upset or feels satisfaction from killing, raping, punishing or playing with the feelings of young girls.

While one sees this film as about the life of young obsessed killer, step by step you get in touch with the drunken world of post-soviet horror, where doom and desperation rule everything...

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