Savoya Hijack

Savoya Hijack

  • $15.99

A breathtaking thriller based on A. Szczypiorski novel “Flight 627” from the director of a famous saga about the Intelligence Service (“The Secret Agent’s Destiny”, “The Secret Agent’s Blunder”, “The End of Operation ‘Secret Agent’”) Veniamin Dorman, with participation of the most popular Russian film actors of the 1970s-1980s (Leonid Bronevoy, Olga Ostroumova, Leonid Markov, Aleksandr Mikhailov, etc.).

This absorbing movie’s plot centers around the trip to South America of a Polish schoolboy, Janek (Wlodzimiers Golacinski), and his co-traveler, a Russian girl named Tanya, by a plane which ended up in the hands of a gang of drug dealers headed by ex Nazi criminal Henrich Scharf (Mikhail Gluzsky).

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