Sawa - Missa Claromontana - Organ Works

Sawa - Missa Claromontana - Organ Works

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    Marian Sawa (1937-2005)

    Organ Works

    Missa Claromontana for mixed choir, organ and timpani (2005)
    - Kyrie
    - Gloria
    - Psalm responsoryjny
    - Alleluja
    - Credo
    - Offertorium
    - Sanctus
    - Amen
    - Agnus Dei
    - Communio

    Regina caeli for mixed choir and organ (1996)
    Easter Partita "Zwyciezca smierci" for organ (1980)
    Passacaglia for organ (2005)
    Gaude Polonia for organ (1990)
    Modlitwa Lomzynska for organy (2004)
    Fantazja Slaska - Te Deum for organ (2004)
    Fantazja "Swiety Boze" for organ (2003)
    Fantazja Jasnogorska for organ (1996)

    Marietta Kruzel-Sosnowska, organ
    Leszek Mateusz Gorecki, organ
    Michal Slawecki, organ
    Leszek Lorent, timpani
    Chor Uniwersytetu Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego w Warszawie,
    ks. Kazimierz Szymonik, conductor

    booklet: Leszek Mateusz Gorecki (Polish, English, French)

    "I met the excellent Polish composer, Marian Sawa, in person in 1999. Since then most of our meetings has taken place during concerts devoted to his music and promotions of records containing his output, consistently released by my label. To sum them up, they form quite long a list, with eleven titles in all, including four monographic ones. Communing with Marian Sawa's music has become throughout all those years of our acquaintance something obvious, something that I needed. As soon as I heard about the world premiere of his latest work, Missa Claromontana, during this year's "Gaude Mater" Festival in Czestochowa, and about his heavy illness, I turned to Marcin Lukaszewski asking him to help me bring it out. He readily consented to my proposal, and we invited some of the finest artists to work on the album. Their artistic credentials are amply evident on the disc. On my part, I made a request to one of the best sound engineers, Piotr Grinholc, student and friend of Marian Sawa, to work on this superb enterprise, and he accepted my invitation with enthusiasm. The album that I initiated was supposed to be a present for the distinguished Composer from all of us. Unfortunately, the Maestro died in the course of recordings, and thus the album has become a tribute to this great man from us all, his friends and people who loved his music."
    Jan A. Jarnicki
Sawa - Missa Claromontana - Organ Works - 41043 - Symphony & Chamber Music

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