Siberian Sniper (Dmitry Koltsov World War II drama) (subtitles)

Siberian Sniper (Dmitry Koltsov World War II drama) (subtitles)

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During the height of World War II, a Soviet unit's last surviving sniper is sent on a suicide mission to break a German stronghold in order to save his fellow soldiers.

After months of exhausting trench warfare, most of Major Belyaev's battalion was destroyed. The area is ruled by German aces snipers. Hope for replenishment collapses when the convoy, in which the Soviet snipers were traveling, falls under a German airstrike. A handful of soldiers and a young hunter from Yakutia, Yegor Cheerin, survive.

Director: Dmitry Koltsov

Stars: Aytal Stepanov, Aleksandr Kazantsev, Daniil Zhuravlev

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