Someone Else’s White And The Speckled

Someone Else’s White And The Speckled

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The year of 1946. The war remained in the past, lying in the future – for those who had survived – a whole life…

In a poor provincial town, the ragamuffin boys are frenziedly drilled for combat, and at nights the local elite, gathered in a pool room, boasts of fictitious biographies, while bands of boys amuse themselves with bloody fights on trashy vacant plots… One of the most vivid staples of the postwar childhood were pigeons. They could be bought, sold or stolen. One day a beautiful white dove appeared over the town. Risking his life, Ivan caught the White. And immediately became the target of the “pigeon” mafia…

Sergey Solovyov’s retro drama about learning kindness, resisting evil and cherishing that indestructible dream of happiness, based upon the novella by B. Ryakhovsky.

Venice IFF - Grand Special Jury Prize, 1986;
All-Union Film Festival in Tbilisi – Grand Prize for Best Children’s Film, 1987;
1st IFF of Youth and Children’s Films in Algeria – Award for Best Directing and Best Cinematography, 1987

Special features:
Interview with Director S. Solovyov;
Photo Album

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