Stravinsky - Sacre du Printemps,Ballet - Svetlanov

Stravinsky - 'Sacre du Printemps',Ballet - Svetlanov

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    'Sacre du Printemps', Ballet

    Scenes of Pagan Russia

    1. Part I. The Adoration of the Earth Introduction. Spring Fortune-Telling, Dance of Adolescents. Game of Abductions. Spring Rounds. Game of Rival Tribes. March of the Sage. The Adoration of the Earth (The Sage). Consecration of the Soil

    2. Part I. The Sacrifice
    Introduction. Mysterious Circle of Adolescents. Honouring with Rites and Songs of the Chosen Maiden. Evocation of the Ancestors. Ritual of the Ancestors. Sacred Dance (The Chosen Maiden)
    'Jeu de Cartes ', Suite from the Ballet

    3. Ballet in Three Deals

    Russia Symphony Orchestra
    Evgeni Svetlanov, Conductor
Stravinsky - 'Sacre du Printemps',Ballet - Svetlanov - 41028 - Opera,Operetta and Ballet Music

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