Tango Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

Tango Lessons. Dance Like a Star.

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The Language of the tango
Where does the secret of the tango lie? In every movement, every emotion, every thought that is revealed when the first notes of the tango sound. No other dance brings people so close together. Everyone who dances the ballroom tango knows this. It's a dance that originated on the streets of Buenos Aires and then found it's way to Europe. For more than a century, this dance has enabled people to give full rein to their passion.

Dancing for beginners
Here the first steps of the salsa are explained.

Tango Supplementary step 1 - bronze
In bronze, different variations of tango steps are examined in more depth.

Tango Supplementary step 2 - silver
In silver, the tango is expanded even further. More variations of steps and turns.

Tango Supplementary step 3 - gold
Different variations of the tango are explained.

Tango Special dance
Dennis and SUsanne show how thw tango is danced in dancing competitions.

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