Tartini - The Violin Concertos Vo. 10 - LArte dellArco

Tartini - The Violin Concertos Vo. 10 - L'Arte dell'Arco

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  • Year of release: 2003
  • 2 CD Set

    The violin concertos vol.10
    Concerto in A Major D96
    Concerto in D Major D22
    Concerto in G Major D83
    Concerto in A Major D94
    Concerto in D Major D19
    Concerto in B Flat Major D117
    Concerto in D Major D20
    Concerto in A Major D95

    First Recordings

    Among the great Italian 18th-century composers Giuseppe Tartini (Pirano d’Istria, 1692- Padova, 1770) is the one who most explicitly focussed his production on his own chosen instrument, the violin, neglecting, or treating as secondary, genres that in his day were very popular. 135 violin concertos and about 200 sonatas for violin and basso continuo form, in fact, the main bulk of his output.
    With the exception of the Concerto D 96 - which opens the present recording - all the Concertos of our 2-CD box set belong to the first period of Tartini’s career. They are works in which the virtuosity of the outer movements alternates with Tartini’s melodic creativity, which seems to unroll in an unstoppable wave of emotion and pathos. Some of these concertos are recorded for the first time, and all are 24 bit - 96 Khz recordings.
Tartini - The Violin Concertos Vo. 10 - L'Arte dell'Arco - 39362 - Classical music

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