The adventures of captain Wrongel

The adventures of captain Wrongel

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A musical animation series (13 episodes) based on the novella by A. Nekrasov about the brave and merry Captain Wrongel.

A round-the-world sea regatta is being planned. The world’s famous captains are invited to take part in the unprecedented competition. The highest bets have been placed on Captain Wrongel’s yacht “Trouble” and a foreign participant, the “Black Cuttlefish”.

Meanwhile at the Royal Museum “the heist of the century” has taken place – a statue of Venus is stolen. On the instructions of the Chief of the gangsters, a thief, Fooks, is to deliver it on board the “Black Cuttlefish”. However, Captain Wrongel has enlisted Fooks as a “Trouble” sailor… Unaware of it, Gangsters Swindlero Banditto and De la Cheato Gangsteritto went out to receive the “goods”. Appointed to investigate the case is Super-Agent 00X…

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