The Adventures of Prince Florisel (The Suicide Club) (subtitles)

Based on the short stories of R. Stevenson "Club of Suicides" and "Rajah’s Diamond" the film narrates (ironically, to some extent) about a thrilling struggle of the prince from a far-away country against a mysterious and horrible Chairman – the king of the criminal world.

Adventure seeker Prince of Bacardia Florizel walks around London in the clothes of a simple townsman, along with his friend, Colonel Geraldine. At night on the embankment they meet a young man with a stone on his neck, preparing to commit suicide. He turns out to be a desperate artist in his life, who does not have enough money to join the mysterious "Suicide Club", there for only 40 pounds each man can die "like a gentleman." The next "victim" and "performer" are selected randomly from the members of the club. The mysterious "Chairman" is in charge of everything.


"Adventures of Prince Florizel" is a mostly comical tale of all-powerful and wealthy bavarian prince adventures that started when prince was seeking to deal with the boredom. Joining the Club of Suicide society, he uncovered the mastermind criminal behind it, and vowed to get rid of him by any means necessary, following deaths of several servants when dreaded president of club makes dashing escape. During that point, story changes into nearly second movie, as prince has to uncover yet another crime.


The Adventures of Prince Florisel (original title Priklyucheniya printsa Florizelya) is a 1981 Soviet made for TV adventure movie directed by Yevgeni Tatarsky and based on stories "The Suicide Club" and "The Rajah's Diamond" by Robert Louis Stevenson. In Victorian London Prince Florizel of Backardia (Oleg Dal) and his faithful companion Colonel Geraldine (Igor Dmitriev) fight against villainous Chairman of the Suicide Club (Donatas Banionis), a criminal mastermind, also known as Nick Nichols and "The Checkered".

In 1999 the movie was re-released under the title Klub samoubiyts, ili Priklyucheniya titulovannoy osoby (The Suicide Club, or The Adventures of the Noble).

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