The Barry Sisters. Their Greatest Yiddish Hits

The Barry Sisters. Their Greatest Yiddish Hits

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CD 1

01. Hevaynu Sholem Alaychem

02. Hava Nagila

03. Passover Medley

04. Ay Ay Hora

05. Ketzele Baroiges (Why Are You Angry)

06. Shabes Lich

07. Giss-Giss

08. Hoplele

09. Rumeine

10. Zigoiner Romans 11.Main Glick

12. My Yddeshe Mama

13. Papirossen

14. Kuzhina 15.Yuh Mein Tiere,Tochter (Yes, My Darling Daughter)

16. Wo Es Ger Gas?

17. Tsi Shpait (Too Late)

18. Izraeli Medley: Artza Alinu/Tzena Tzena Tzena Tzena

CD 2

01. Tum-Balalaika

02. Chiribim Chiribom

03. Ich Hob Dich Zifeel Lieb (I Love You Much Too Much)

04. Bublitchki Bagelach

05. Otchi Chernia

06. Egh-Choh-Choh

07. Mama

08. Zug Es Meir Noch Amool (Tell Me One More Time)

09. Yingele Nit Vain (Little Boy, Don't Cry)

10. Eishes-Chiyell (A Woman of Value)

11. Main Shtete Belz

12. Byssele

13. Ain Kik Auf Dir

14. Dem Neyem Men a Bissele Mazel

15. Fargess Mich Nit

16. Wie Nemt Men a Bissele Mazel

17. VI Iz Dus Gesele

18. Vie a Heehn Zol Ich Gayn

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