The Battle for Moscow (The Battle of Moscow) (Yury Ozerov World War II epic) (2 parts - 4 episodes) (subtitles)

The battle of Moscow was the first major defeat of German Wehrmacht in the Second World War. The film is dedicated to some fighting events that took place in the USSR after Hitler's conquest of western Europe.

The war with the Soviet Union, despite the initial victories, developed for the German command in a slightly different scenario than with Poland or the Western European countries. The Blitzkrieg plan (Operation Barbarossa) involved the capture of Moscow during the first 10-12 weeks of the war. However, despite the successes of the Wehrmacht in the early days of the offensive, the increased resistance of the Red Army and a number of objective reasons prevented its implementation.

Agressiya. Seriya 1

The first film "Aggression" depicts the events that took place in Europe, Asia and on the territory of the USSR on the eve and at the beginning of World War II. Germany is preparing for an attack on the Soviet Union, which a number of Soviet intelligence reports to Moscow. Refusing to carry out the Center's order to return to Moscow, the Soviet intelligence officer Richard Sorge continues to work in Japan and correctly reports the real date of the German attack on the USSR. However, Stalin does not trust these reports, which leads to a fatal miscalculation and huge ... 

Agressiya. Seriya 2

The rightness of the chief of the General Staff of the Red Army, Georgiy Zhukov, who warned of miscalculations in preparation for the war, becomes visible. An extensive picture of the large-scale battles of the beginning of the war is given (battles in Brest, the tank battle near Dubno, the defense of Mogilev, the battle of Smolensk). 

Tayfun. Seriya 1

The second film "Typhoon" covers events from the beginning of the development by the Hitler headquarters of the operation to capture Moscow to the main battles of the great battle for Moscow. Richard Sorge again reports the correct information that Japan until the end of 1941 and at the beginning of 1942 would not oppose the USSR, which saves the country from an exhausting war on two fronts. For Richard Sorge, the transmission of this information turns out to be fatal - the Japanese counterintelligence bearings the transmitter, while Sorge himself is arrested and ... 

Tayfun. Seriya 2

Stalin was able, without particular risk, to remove 26 personnel, well-trained Far Eastern divisions from the eastern borders of the country and transfer them to the Western Front, near Moscow, which prevented its capture by the Nazis. The commander's talent of Georgiy Zhukov and the heroism of ordinary Soviet citizens, both military and militia, allow German troops to be driven away from the outskirts of Moscow. Large-scale shots of defensive battles (including the exploits of Podolsk cadets and 28 Panfilov's) and the counteroffensive of Soviet troops are shown.

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