The Bedroom Key (subtitles)

The Bedroom Key (subtitles)

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In the beginning of a new century the capital of Russia is just amazing and full of poets, beautiful women and arts...

Ryazanov's film features an adulterous wife, a slow-witted military husband and a never-ending string of lovers ranging from poets to ornithologists. Set in 1914, the plot centers around Aglaya and her latest interest caught in the act by a drunk poet. The three are trapped in a gorgeous apartment and the poet might just know who she is... Reminiscent of Chaplin's silent comedy, the movie is a great farce draped in gorgeous Art Noveau decor. Not much to think about, but great visually and completely hilarious in a somewhat idiotic way.


- Best Actor in a Supporting Role Sergey MAKOVETSKY , "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2003
- Prize of the Festival President Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2003
- Prix du Président au Festival Kinotavr 2003 de Russie pour l’image
- Grand prix du Festival "Vive le cinéma de Russie", Saint-Pétersbourg, 2003

Selected in the following festivals:

- Strasbourg two weeks of Russian cinema, Strasbourg (France), 2017
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2003
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2003
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2003
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2003
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2003
- Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2003

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