The Big Space Travel

The Big Space Travel

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A screen adaptation of Sergey Mikhalkov's play "The First Three, or the year 2001."

Three schoolchildren have been selected for the first space flight with participation of kids. Piloting the ship "Astra", the kids bravely overcome all the difficulties of their mission - an attack of meteorites, a gas leakage. And, finally, they learn about the secret of their flight, which the adults were hiding from them...

The composer Alexei Rybnikov and the poet Igor Kokhanovsky wrote several romantic songs for the film, which were originally performed by the "True Friends" vocal-instrumental group. In 1974 alone, the disc with music from the film sold over 100,000 copies. The songs "Do you believe me or not?" and "The Milky Way" are often played on Russian radio even today.

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