The Consul - Gian Carlo Menotti,Chester Ludgin

The Consul - Gian Carlo Menotti,Chester Ludgin

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A major discovery! A dramatically powerful 1960 television production of Menotti’s most provocative work. Patricia Neway, the famed creator of the role of Magda Sorel in the Broadway run of this opera, brings the character to life here with astonishing realism. The superlative supporting cast includes baritone Chester Ludgin.

John Sorel - Chester Ludgin
Magda Sorel - Patricia Neway
The Mother - Evelyn Sachs
The Police Agent - Leon Lishner
The Secretary - Regina Sarfaty
Mr. Kofner - Arnold Voketaitis
The Foreign Woman - Maria Marlo
The Magician - Norman Kelley
Assan - Dan Merriman
Anna Gomez - Maria DiGerlando
Vera Boronel - Ruth Kobart

Produced by Jean Dalrymple
Musical Direction: Werner Torkanowsky

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