The Elusive Avengers. Trilogy (4 disc set) (subtitles)

The Elusive Avengers. Trilogy (4 disc set) (subtitles)

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The Elusive Avengers

1967, 74 min.

Based on Pavel Blyakhin’s novel "Red Little Devils".

This vivid comedy recounts the incredible adventures of four friends during the 1920s Civil War in Russia.

The former student Valerka, the fun-loving, audacious Yashka the Gypsy and the orphaned Danka with his sister Ksanka gave an oath to infiltrate Ataman Burnash’s band to avenge the death of Danka’s father. Under the disguise of a son of the ataman’s old friend, Danka finds his way into Burnash’s unit. However, the bandits got wind of it. Danka faces execution. But what are the friends for, if not for rescuing their comrade.

The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers

1968, 78 min.

A sequel to the film "The Elusive Avengers", recounting the adventures of the magnificent foursome of brave teenagers assigned by their commanders to get the operational map of an important area’s fortifications. Having learnt that this top-secret map is being kept in the Counterintelligence Chief’s safe, one of “the elusives”, Danka, pretends to be a bootblack and puts up an observation post by the Counterintelligence Headquarters. By staging a distracting operation, the friends steal the map from the safe. The Counterintelligence people go to great lengths in order to recover the operational map. Are they going to succeed?

Crown of the Russian Empire or the Elusive Avengers Again

1971, 134 min.

The last film in the adventure trilogy about the elusive avengers – the four brave friends.

The Russian Civil War is over. Still some of the Russian émigrés are entertaining plans of restoring monarchy in their native country, with the two pretenders to the throne standing ready. But for the coronation ceremony, they need an Emperor’s Big Crown which is kept behind armored glass in one of the museums. The Extraordinary Commission for Preventing Counterrevolutionary Activities charges its four "elusive" agents with protecting the crown. And again we are to experience the breathtaking chase after the adventurers and more exciting escapades and life-threatening stunts, with which this film abounds.

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