The Lonely Voice of Man (Aleksandr Sokurov drama) (subtitles)

The Lonely Voice of Man (Aleksandr Sokurov drama) (subtitles)

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Nikita, haunted by the civil war, meets Lyuba, who is as deeply moral and lonely as he is.

"Odinokiy golos cheloveka" had been made as a diploma work of All-Soviet National Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) but was banned before the Perestroika. They ordered that film must be completely perished, but the director and cameraman hid it under the bed of their dormitory.  Perhaps even Andrey Tarkovsky, who said that this film is the work of a genius, would never imagined such a lucky fate for it.

"Odinokiy golos.." is a poetic, beautiful film, but its beauty came from the deepest faith of Russian people. They believed in Artistic Creation as the Service to God. But the author and the screenwriter did so almost subconsciously. The results was this legendary film, which for about 10 years had been secretly screened in apartment room or other hidden places before 1986. I can't imagine other land or time, which could have given birth to such an isolated film, with such a simple story and such a naive, trembling sensitivity of youth, coupled with such a mystic expression of religious feelings.

This is actually one of these rare cases of cinema history, when young directors reached the maturity of Master by providential force. It must be screened and seen again and again,not only for audience, even for Sokurov himself, so that he would remember what had happened to him when he was 26 to 27.

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