The Narrow Bridge (war drama by Boris Kvashnev) (subtitles)

The Narrow Bridge (war drama by Boris Kvashnev) (subtitles)

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Language: Russian-Ukrainian (mix)

Subtitles: English

Attention. The audio track is Russian-Ukrainian (mixed). When characters speak Ukrainian, there is no translation (by voice-over or subtitles) into Russian. When characters speak Russian, there is no translation into Ukrainian.

English subtitles are available for the entire film.

Внимание. Аудиодорожка фильма - русско-украинская. Когда разговор ведется по-украински, перевода на русский нет. Когда разговор на русском, перевода на украинский нет.

This is the story of a young talented artist Kiril, whose destiny persistently puts a weapon into his hand instead of a brush, demanding from him to be a warrior. There is a war in his homeland, invaders are brutally interfering in the peaceful life of his country, it is necessary to fight and choose between his love and duty.

Director: Boris Kvashnev

Cast: Zaza Chanturiya, Borys Heorhievskiy, Irakli Maruashvili, Roman Matsyuta, Svetlana Zelenkovskaya

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