The North Wind (Renata Litvinova romantic fantasy drama) (subtitles)

The North Wind (Renata Litvinova romantic fantasy drama) (subtitles)

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The matriarchal clan led by gorgeous Margarita enters a turbulent period when her son loses his beloved fiancée. Using the structure of a repetitive ritual, the action spans years but takes place mostly during the annual gatherings of Margarita's extraordinary family in their mansion on New Year's Eve. Margarita believes in the magical 13th hour that can break the eternal circle of repetition, defeat death and bring her much-awaited love.

A chronicle of the decline of a family, with a dazzling and baroque staging, far from realism, where Chekhov's theater, the aesthetics of Wes Anderson and Peter Greenaway, the absurd, magical realism and noir are combined. A kind of fairy tale in the middle of the snow, in an imaginary kingdom where some live a curious dimension of time.

Director: Renata Litvinova

Script: Renata Litvinova

Stars: Mariya Berdinskikh, Ulyana Dobrovskaya, Sofya Ernst

Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Dedicated to Kira Muratova

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