The Russian Revolution (docudrama) (8 episodes) (subtitles)

The Russian Revolution (docudrama) (8 episodes) (subtitles)

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Historical reconstruction, documentary historical drama, mini-series

Russia’s two revolutions – in February and October 1917, collectively known as ‘The Russian Revolution’, changed Russia beyond recognition. The February Revolution dismantled the Tsarist autocracy and forced the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, ending the imperial Romanov dynasty that had ruled the country for over three hundred years. A few months later in October, Russia was to face a further shock - another revolution.

This epic series, using a stunning mixture of CGI, dramatic reconstruction scenes and unique historic library footage, commemorates the centenary of these two most crucial events in Russian history - the February and the October Revolutions.

Directed by: Pavel Tupik

Written by: Aleksandr Danilov

Cast: Denis Moiseev, Ivan Brovin, Semion Mendelson, Andrey Levin, Arthur Litvinov, Aleksandr Ronis, Andrey Zarubin

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