The Secret Agents Destiny
Psychological spy thriller

Based on V. Vostokov and O. Shmelyov’s novel “With Cards on the Table”

Georgy Zhzhyonov (“Air Crew”, “Beware of Automobiles”) and Mikhail Nozhkin (“Liberation”, “The Way through Hell”) in the second film of the acclaimed spy cycle: “THE SECRET AGENT’S BLUNDER”, “THE SECRET AGENT’S DESTINY”, “THE SECRET AGENT’S RETURN”, “THE END OF OPERATION ‘SECRET AGENT’”.

Part 1 – “With Cards on the Table”, Part 2 – “Western Trail”.

Soviet counterintelligence takes a decision not to stop the game with their adversary, and recruit the help of the enemy spy, Tulyev (Georgy Zhzhyonov), who is serving time in prison. The West’s intelligence center once again begins receiving coded messages signed “Hope”...

1970 box-office leader – 28.7 million viewers!

“We stood in long queues to get to see this great, beautiful, intelligent film...”
“An interesting plot, great acting, best songs...”
(Viewers’ comments in the Internet)

Special Freatures:
Photo Album "In Memory of G. Zhzhyonov"

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