The Secret Agents Return
Psychological spy thriller

A sequel to the absorbing story of the life of a professional intelligence agent, Mikhail Tulyev – the main protagonist of the films “The Secret Agent’s Blunder” and “The Secret Agent’s Destiny”.

... The ‘bosses’ put their agent, who had been ‘in the clutches of KGB’, to a serious test. He fails to convince them of his loyalty. Tulyev’s stay abroad becomes dangerous, and he returns to the Soviet Union.

All the romantic attributes of a classic spy story are in place – chases, secret rendezvous, lie detectors and keys to ciphers. Add to it the fast-paced action, interesting characters and the intriguing plot, and you’ll understand you just got to see both this film and the whole series.

1983 box-office leader – 23.9 million viewers.

Special Freatures:
Photo Album "In Memory of G. Zhzhyonov"

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