The Very Same Munchausen (subtitles

The Very Same Munchausen (subtitles

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A philosophical and poetic portrait of the famous Baron Munchhausen. His crazy, yet very merriment, stories, views and behavior is what sets him apart from others. He becomes alienated from the society that failed to grasp his brilliance. In fact, his brilliance is what underlines the faults with the society itself. It's a beautiful yet tragic story that is filled with dense and intellectual dialogue.

"Brilliant film in every way, every bit as great as Ordinary Miracle(also from Mark Zakharov) and perhaps even better. The costumes and sets are sumptuous and with a real Russian traditional feeling, somewhat like the quirky fairy-tale kind. The way The Very Same Munchhausen is shot is very appealingly done too, never too stage-bound or jerky. The music is beautiful too and very catchy, upbeat rhythmically sometimes but in a distinctive Russian style. The dialogue is extremely funny and witty coming from quite possibly one of the greatest scripts ever for a Russian film". (a review by TheLittleSongbird, United Kingdom)

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