The Village Teacher (Selskaya uchitelnitsa)
Vera Maretskaya (“Marriage”), Rostislav Plyatt (“Seventeen Moments of Spring”), Daniil Sagal “The Childhood of Maxim Gorky”, Vladimir Belokurov (“Valery Chkalov”), Alexei Konsovsky (“Cinderella”) in the famous film by the classic of world cinema Mark Donskoy.

“I’ll teach you to dream, ” said the film’s heroine to the children starting their life. In 1984 this promise became the name of a documentary by G. Chukhrai, Yu. Shvyryov and M. Volotsky about the life of one of a kind poet and hero of the national cinema, Mark Donskoy. The Italian neo-realists believed that their art originated from the “flow of life” typical of Donskoy’s films, considered the director their predecessor and emulated his poetic approach to everyday life. In the early 1970s Mark Donskoy’s name was included in the West in a number of lists of the best film directors of modern time.

International Film Festival in Paris – Best Director Award, 1949;
USSR State Prize, First Category, was awarded in 1947 to director M. Donskoy, screenwriter M. Smirnova, cinematographer S. Urusevsky, actress V. Maretskaya;
Box-office leader (1947, 5th place) – 18.11 million viewers

Special features:
Yu. Shvyryov remembers Mark Donskoy;
Video subjects: “Mark Donskoy”, “M. Donskoy’s Last Public Speech”;
Photo album

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