The Wave Runner (Begushchaya po volnam)

The Wave Runner (Begushchaya po volnam)

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Romantic drama based on famous novel by Aleksander Grin.

A pianist named Garvey, while traveling on a tour, gets off the train to buy cigarettes, and learns from a salesgirl that the cities imagined by Grin really exist. Forgetting about his tour, he goes to one of these cities, where he meets the captain of “The Waverunner”…

The famous bard Alexander Galich wrote the script to this film –one of the 1960s best motion pictures. The film features his wonderful songs as performed by Galich himself: “A ship was sailing from faraway Australia…”, “Things will straighten out, there’s nothing to worry about…”… In the 21st century, the cinema will be different; perhaps it’s natural. And yet, it’s a pity…

Special features:
Interview with daughter of Alexander Galich, Alyona Galich;
Featurette “Galich. Selected Works”;
Photo gallery;

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