The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans

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After the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen.

In a faraway kingdom, there lives a King with his twelve children: eleven princes and one princess. One day, he decides to remarry. He marries a wicked Queen who is actually a witch. Out of spite, the queen turns her eleven stepsons into swans and forces them to fly away. The princess can rescue her brothers from a spell cast by a wicked queen by weaving of eleven shirt from nettle and covering the swans with such nettle shirts…

Khorma Katri, Zhagars Yuris, Zhagars Andrey, Aru Ines, Kilgas Gunnar, Orlova Lyna, Raa Sven, Peen Khelend, Myagila Levi, Myagila Danel, Murdmaa Peter, Shkolnikov Zhenya, Eespere Yurmo, Yantsis Kaspar, Lepp Khendrik, Kruusement Kristyan, Urb Tanel, Kompa Khardi

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