Through Fire,Water and Brass Pipes
There is a Russian saying: “To go through fire, water and brass pipes”, which means to endure severe trials, to acquire vast life experience, to gain many impressions and steel one’s will. The film’s main hero, Vasya, went one day to the wood to burn coal. And there, in a clearing, he met Alyonushka who was grazing her pet goat. But Kashchei the Immortal’s underlings kidnapped the girl right before Vasya’s eyes.In search of his beloved, Vasya literally went through fire and water. But the most difficult trial was to withstand the fanfares of brass trumpets, the glaring lights of glory…

Special Freatures:
Filmographies; Original theatrical trailers (1968, 1969); The making of the Film; Russian Songs; Fragments from a documentary about Alexander Row; Museum RUSCCO

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