To the Stars by Hard Ways
Based on the original script by Kir Bulychyov and Richard Biktorov "Daughter of Space" and "Space Angels".

An excellent fantasy film set in the 23rd century. Niya, an artificially created girl, gets on the Earth from the distant planet of Dessa. On her home planet, the civilization is being destroyed by industrial pollution and the totalitarian regime of the dwarf Turanchoks. The earthlings save their brothers by intellect.

Part 1 - "Niya, an Artificial Human"
Part 2 - "Space Angels"

The most popular film of the 1980s. Girls in the USSR got Niya-like haircuts and Alexey Rybnikov's music was played on all open-reel tape recorders.

Box-office showing - 20.5 million viewers.

Special Jury Prize "Silver Asteroid" - IFF of Sci-Fi Films in Triesta (Italy), 1981;
All-Union Film Festival in Vilnius - Vilnius University Award for the Best Film on the Science Theme, 1982;
USSR State Prize for Works for Children, 1982

Metelkina Elena, Ledogorov Igor, Ledogorov Vadim, Fadeeva Elena, Lazarev Alexandr, Yasulovich Igor, Dvorzhetsky Vatslav, Strizhenov Gleb, Mikhaylov Alexandr, Shcherbakov Boris

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