Torpedonostsy (VHS)
The film is based on short stories by Russian writer Yuri Guerman.
The year of 1944. The Second World War. A marine air force regiment is stationed at a small airfield. For the pilots, this is both the front and the rear. They live here with their families, leading a seemingly normal life, giving small parties and even attending concerts of touring artistes. And yet, any operational flight may prove to be the last one in their life… The film incorporates the unique wartime documentaries, which were filmed, on the one side, by the British, and on the other side - by the German camera men. This work was done at a time when the German bombers attacked the British caravan of freight ships sailing due Murmansk under the Lend-Lease Act. On the British part, the filming was done by a camera man sailing on board of one of the attacked ships. On the German part, there was a camera operator flying with the pilot of one of the bombers...

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