Treasure Island

Treasure Island

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A hilarious animation based on R. Stevenson’s famous novel.
Film One: “Captain Flint’s Map”.
Film Two: “Captain Flint’s Treasure”.

One day an unexpected guest appeared at “The Admiral Benbow” Inn – an old pirate named Billy Bones, alias “the Captain”, who was in possession of the Treasure Island map. The same night he was visited by “the Blind Pew”. They talked and “the captain” had a stroke. Before he died, Billy Bones asked a very good boy, Jimmy Hawkins, to pass the map to Doctor Livesey, which he did. After some discussion, the doctor, Squire Trelawney and Jimmy decided to go in search of the treasure. At “The Spyglass” Inn they hired sailors and set sail on the “Hispaniola” schooner.

They had no idea that their ship crew was just a band of pirates planning to kill them as soon as they find the treasure. At the dawn of the fatal day the schooner was slowly approaching the Skeleton Island… The film is made by the method of combining acting and animation.

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