Ttaango...In Nickelsdorf - The Ganelin Trio

Ttaango...In Nickelsdorf - The Ganelin Trio

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  • 1 In Nichelsdorf (Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekashin)
  • 2 Ttaango (Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekashin)
  • 3 Mack the Knife (Kurt Weill)
  • 4 Umtza Umtza (V.Ganelin)
  • 5 End of Story (V.Ganelin)
  • 6 Summer Time (G.Gershwin)

    Disc 1
    In Nichelsdorf (Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekashin)
    Total time 42:20

    Disc 2
    1. Ttaango (Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekashin)
    2. Mack the Knife (Kurt Weill)
    3. Umtza Umtza (V.Ganelin)
    4. End of Story (V.Ganelin)
    5. Summer Time (G.Gershwin)

    Total time 68:18

    Recorded 19th October, 1985, at Jazz Gallery, Nickelsdorf

    When originally formed in 1971 this Soviet trio consisted of Vyacheslav Ganelin (b. 1944, Kraskov, USSR; keyboards, flute, percussion, guitar), Vladimir Chekasin (b. 1977, Sverdlovsk; reeds, trombone, violin, percussion, voice), and Vladimir Tarasov (b. 1947, Archangelsk, USSR; drums, percussion). Although firmly based on composition, a recording or concert performance by the trio is a rich mix of slavonic folk, free jazz, contemporary classical music and parodies of all three traditions. Their first album, Con Anima, was recorded in the USSR in 1976, but the Soviet state record label, Melodiya, was highly dilatory about issuing their recordings. Leo Feigin's London-based Leo Records took on the task, though his first releases, of tapes smuggled out of the USSR, were issued with a disclaimer that the musicians bore no responsibility for their music's appearance on record. In the 80s the trio began to play outside the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, scoring a great success at the 1980 West Berlin Jazz Festival, then visiting Italy in 1981, and the UK on a Contemporary Music Network tour in 1984, where they met with a mixed reception from jazz critics and musicians. Ganelin emigrated to Israel in 1987, where he formed a new trio, exhibiting a more severe style of music on two albums, with Victor Fonarev (bass, percussion) and Mika Markovich (drums, percussion). Tarasov and Chekasin have continued to work together

Ttaango...In Nickelsdorf - The Ganelin Trio - 32135 - Contemporary music

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