Vchera/Yesterday - Batagov,Peletis,Zagniy,Rabinovich

Vchera/Yesterday - Batagov,Peletis,Zagniy,Rabinovich

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  • Label(s): Long Arms Records
  • Year of release: 1998
  • Recording length: 52:33
  • 1 Finale/Georgs Peletsis
  • 2 Three Pieces / Sergei Zagny
  • 3 Piece #1
  • 4 Piece #1 appendix 1
  • 5 Piece #1 appendix 2
  • 6 Piece #2
  • 7 Piece #3
  • 8 Musique expressive en homage a Karl Orff/Alex Rabinovich
  • 9 New Year Music/ Georg Peletsis
    One of the best Russian interpreters of new composed music Anton Batagov plays piano music of Russian contemporary composers written in very specific style of Russian minimalism.


    1. Finale (1982), Georges Peletsis (b. 1947)
    2. Three Pieces (1990), Sergei Zagny (b. 1960)

    1. Piece #1
    2. Piece #1 appendix 1
    3. Piece #1 appendix 2
    4. Piece #2
    5. Piece #3
    3. Musique expressive en hommage a Karl Orff
    (1976), Alexander Rabinovitch (b. 1945)
    4. New Year Music (1976), Georges Peletsis (b. 1947)

    Anton Batagov - piano

    1992, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

    Nick Dmitriev

    This CD was recorded in March, 1992, at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. It has occured that it was my personal farewell to postmodernism, conceptualism and to the idea if a new art of performance as well. At that moment I was far from saying good by to all this stuff. Just the opposite, I was going to continue being an outstanding contemporary music performer, and considered constructing of beautiful conceptual programs from different composers' works and bringing them up as concerts and, ideally, CD releases to be my main occupation. It had not lasted long, however. Soon afterwards I stopped reacting to the nickname 'Pianist', and writing music became my main occupation.

    No less stupid activity. And to react to the nickname 'Composer' is as strange and embarassing as, let's say, using the word 'Saint-Petersburg' in the end of the 20th century. The word 'Leningrad' is even worse, anyway. Then, which one to use? And virtually what for? But let's talk about that somehow later on. Meanwhile, with six year delay and with meaningful remark 'archive recording', this CD seems to come out. Holding it in my hands I feel the present being restlessly replaced with the past, and a chain of single motivated todays being disappeared in one boundless yesterday.

    Anton Batagov, January 1998
Vchera/Yesterday - Batagov,Peletis,Zagniy,Rabinovich - 23187 - Contemporary music

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