Vladimir Martynov - Dances on the Shore

Vladimir Martynov - Dances on the Shore

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  • Year of release: 2004
  • Recording length: 59:56
  • 1 Dances on the Shore - Vladimir Martynov
    Dances on the Shore". Vladimir Martynov. Yury Chernushevich.

    "...We may then guarantee that man will disappear like a face drawn in the sand" -these words, written in 1966 by Michel Foucault, characterized for me the entire second half of the 20th century. In my view the disappearance of the world's normal human features is becoming ever clearer. However, for me this general and universal disappearance of man was crystallized for ever by a single event. In 1966 at the age of 19 years my friend Yury Chernushevich died. We went to the same school, entered the Conservatoire together, together penetrated the mysteries of composition under the guidance of Nikolai Nikolaevich Sidelnikov and dreamed of new forms of making music. Chernushevich was gifted in a special way and I believe that, had he lived, the picture of contemporary musical life would be different. He completed his best work, the "Madrigals to verses by Omar Khayam", no more than a month before his death. The words of the concluding madrigal immediately acquired a strangely prophetic character: This green and scarlet and sky-blue world Will soon be taken from you by fate. So go and entrust your heart to the one Who is always with you, who is everywhere with you. I selected this madrigal as the starting point for our imagined joint composition, our imagined dialogue. It can scarcely be called a work in the full sense, but is rather an attempt to hear the sound of the oncoming waves of time, to hold in the memory a fading image...

    Vladimir Martynov. Dances on the Shore: Direct and Inverse Perspectives of the Soundscapes of Vladimir Martynov.

    "With a chilled wing faith laps, Alone above the world of all men" - Alexander Vvedensky.
Vladimir Martynov - Dances on the Shore - 38596 - Piano Music

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