Wagner - Orchestral Music From Operas - Fedoseyev

Wagner - Orchestral Music From Operas - Fedoseyev

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    Richard Wagner
    Orchestral music from operas

    1. Overture to the opera Rienzi 13.12
    2. Flight of the Valkiries from the opera Valkirie 4.01
    3. Introduction and The death of Isolde from the opera Tristan and Isolde 16.01
    4. Forest Murmers from the opera Siegfried 9.36
    5. Funeral March from the opera Twilight of the Gods 7.33
    6. Prelude to Act 3 to the opera Lohengrin 3.26

    Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra
    Vladimir Fedoseyev,conductor

    Richard Wagner made himself celebrated as a great opera composer and a reformer of the musical theater.
    However he did not leave behind many significant works in the genre of symphony, overture, or symphonic poem.
    The only exception is his Faust Overture (1840, second edition - 1855). Yet the scale of the orchestral episodes
    of his operas, the role of the orchestra that cements the leitmotif fabric of the music and the profoundness of the
    symphonic synthesizing make Wagner one of the greatest symphonists of the post-Beethoven period. The
    outstanding symphonic fragments of his operas represent a great independent value and continue to live on a concert stage.

Wagner - Orchestral Music From Operas - Fedoseyev - 41096 - Symphony & Chamber Music

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