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Silnee ognya

Silnee ognya (DVD-NTSC)

Silnee ognya - 46136 -..



CHapaev (DVD-NTSC)

CHapaev - 46103 -..


Vnimanie,govorit Moskva

Vnimanie, govorit Moskva (DVD-NTSC)

Vnimanie,govorit Moskva - 45470 -..


Franz + Polina

Franz + Polina (DVD-NTSC)

A haunting Romeo and Juliet story. Bjelorussia 1943, A German SS unit is billeted in a small village..


The Hot Snow (Burning Snow)

The Hot Snow (Burning Snow) (DVD-NTSC)

Based on the novel by Yuri Bondarev.The film tells of only one battle of the Great Patriotic War of ..


The Ninth Company (English subtitles)

The Ninth Company (English subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

The film is based on a true story of the 9th Company during the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan in th..


Adventures Crumbling

Adventures Crumbling (DVD-NTSC)

Adventures Crumbling - 44184 -..


Shine On,My Star (Gori,gori,moya zvezda)

Shine On, My Star (Gori, gori, moya zvezda) (DVD-NTSC)

A heroic fantasy about an artist’s destiny at the tumultuous time of social transformations. One of ..


Afganskiy izlom

Afganskiy izlom (DVD-PAL)

Well, the movie is basically about the last days of a specific Russian regiment stationed in Afghans..



Polumgla (DVD-NTSC)

Polumgla - 43750 -..


Posledniy bronepoezd

Posledniy bronepoezd (DVD-PAL)

Posledniy bronepoezd - 43915 -..


Dni Turbinyh

Dni Turbinyh (DVD-NTSC)

Dni Turbinyh - 43479 -..


Jenya,Jenechka i katyusha

Jenya, Jenechka i (DVD-NTSC)

Jenya,Jenechka i "katyusha" - 43466 -..


Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny

Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny (DVD-NTSC)

Complete restoration of image and sound. No subtitles..


Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon (DVD-NTSC)

Secret Weapon - 41576 -..


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