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Protivostoyanie (DVD-NTSC)

Protivostoyanie - 41303 -..


Check-up on the roads (subtitles)

Check-up on the roads (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

The winter of 1942. A partisan detachment commanded by lieutenant Ivan Lokotkov, a former countrysid..


Obyknovennyy fashizm (Krupnyy plan)

Obyknovennyy fashizm (Krupnyy plan) (DVD-NTSC)

Obyknovennyy fashizm (Krupnyy plan) - 41105 -..


Bastards (Svolochi) (subtitles)

Bastards (Svolochi) (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

In Soviet Russia, 1943, a group of teenage convicts are secretly trained for a guerrilla mission to ..


Seventeen Moments of Spring

Seventeen Moments of Spring (DVD-NTSC)

No digital remastering. TV versionWhen the DVD is played in Russian language, subtitles cannot be tu..


The Star (Kr. Plan)

The Star (Kr. Plan) (DVD-NTSC)

A true WWII story about a small scout group with radio sign "The Star" (Zvezda) which got a task to ..


First after God (subtitles)

First after God (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

The film is based on the true story of Captain Marinesku and set in 1944 during WWII at the Russian ..


Letyat juravli (Krupnyy plan)

Letyat juravli (Krupnyy plan) (DVD-NTSC)

Letyat juravli (Krupnyy plan) - 40131 - DVDs for Sale..


Chelovek voiny

Chelovek voiny (DVD-NTSC)

Chelovek voiny - 39985 -..


Officers /Ruscico

Officers /Ruscico (DVD-NTSC)

The film follows at length the lives of two friends – Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Varrava. In the 1920s..


Ivan Nikulin - russkiy matros

Ivan Nikulin - russkiy matros (DVD-PAL)

Ivan Nikulin - russkiy matros - 39916 -..


The constellation Ox

The constellation Ox (DVD-NTSC)

Year 1942, November. The battle for Stalingrad is at its height. One hundred kilometers to the North..


Clear Skies

Clear Skies (DVD-NTSC)

Test pilot Astakhov, the Hero of the Soviet Union, was taken prisoner during the Great Patriotic War..



Eshelon (DVD-PAL)

Eshelon - 38592 -..


One-two,soldiers were going… (Aty-baty,shli soldaty…)

One-two, soldiers were going… (Aty-baty, shli soldaty…) (DVD-NTSC)

The last film by Leonid Bykov (“Maksim Perepelitsa”, “The Volunteers”), and his last film role. The ..


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