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Ivans Childhood

Ivan's Childhood (DVD-NTSC)

The first full-length feature film by the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. It caused a popul..


La Grande vadrouille (France)

La Grande vadrouille (France) (DVD-NTSC)

A British bomber plane is shot down over Paris occupied by the Germans. The pilots land by parachute..


Brave People

Brave People

Brave People - 30950 -..


Destiny of a man

Destiny of a man (DVD-NTSC)

After M. Sholohov’s short story.The given film is one of the most outstanding cinematographic works...


Wedding in Malinovka

Wedding in Malinovka (DVD-NTSC)

In the village of Malinovka, everyone is tired of Civil War shootings, and is waiting for a wedding ..


The Intervention

The Intervention (DVD-NTSC)

The movie is set during the last days of foreign intervention agains Soviet Russia. Police are searc..


Father of The Soldier

Father of The Soldier (DVD-NTSC)

The unnaturalness of war for humans, who are toilers and creators, is demonstrated through the life ..


Eugene,Little Eugene and Katyusha

Eugene, Little Eugene and Katyusha (DVD-NTSC)

A private Zhenja Kolishkin, the fragile intellectual who grew up on Moscow's Arbat, is completely un..


Come and See

Come and See (DVD-NTSC)

A boy is unwillingly thrust into the atrocities of war in WWII Byelorussia, fighting for a hopelessl..



Agony (DVD-NTSC)

A wide-scope panoramic view of Russia in 1916. The country is in its third year of war which seems t..


The Cranes are Flying

The Cranes are Flying (DVD-NTSC)

The triumphant success of this film started with its winning the first prize at the Cannes festival ..


Ballad of a Soldier

Ballad of a Soldier (DVD-NTSC)

This film had a triumphant run over the world’s movie screens. The main hero is a Russian soldier, A..


At Home Among Strangers,a Stranger Among his own

At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among his own (DVD-NTSC)

An unenviable lot fell to the Red Army soldier Shilov: he is being suspected of stealing gold. In th..


The History of The Red Army

The History of The Red Army

A documentary presenting the history of the Soviet Army, from the creation in 1918 - till the war in..


Torpedo Bombers

Torpedo Bombers (DVD-NTSC)

The film is based on short stories by Russian writer Yuri Guerman. The year of 1944. The Second Worl..


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